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Titanium Designer Jewelry     

Blued Titanium Designer Jewelry

In your search for titanium jewelry, you've probably come across many websites offering titanium jewelry. What did you see? Most of the titanium jewelry is very similar in style - a basic ring shape, mostly machined, with a few variations to the finish of the ring. But how many sites did you come across that do Titanium designer jewelry?

The difficulty and complexity of working in titanium, often limits using titanium creatively in custom titanium jewelry. The metal is so beautiful with such depth of colour that it turns any piece into titanium art jewelry. This metal has intrigued us from way back when. We've honed our skills of complex crafting of titanium over the past 15 years. Our signature titanium designer jewelry has become one of our most popular jewelry ranges. And rightly so with such an expressive metal!

Our designs and -smithing techniques are so unusual, that your custom jewelry in titanium  is guaranteed to be a centre piece of conversation and admiration, whether you decide to dress it up to compliment your evening gown or pare it down with jeans. You, for sure will make a statement!                     

Titanium Art Jewelry

Without a doubt Titanium is an important ingredient in our "paintings in metal" jewelry. What better colour than blued Titanium to represent waves or the sky? We particularly enjoy the creation of titanium art jewelry with nature as a strong theme. 

Titanium Rings

Yes, you've seen Titanium Rings and then some. But have you ever come across these  one-of-a-kind Titanium Rings? We are not afraid to work titanium like gold, although we do factor in the mechanical limitations. In our latest titanium designs we have joined the titanium with gold to allow the rings to be re-sized. Be daring! Wear blue Titanium Rings.

Men's Titanium Jewelry

Men are more understated in their jewelry choices. Trendy Titanium describes the latest jewelry trends for 2006. We recently launched our latest titanium creations, which differ in that we worked with the grey metal to create For the Man -  Titanium Jewelry  and Titanium Unisex Range.

Titanium Bangles

These handcrafted Titanium Bangles say "Signature Style" in capital letters. We use the repoussé goldsmithing technique to shape the Titanium.  You will not go un-noticed wearing a one-of-a-kind Titanium Bangle.

Titanium Pendant and Earrings

What more could you want then a complete Titanium Jewelry Suite? That would be the ultimate gift collection when falling in love with the unique qualities and beauty of Titanium Jewelry.

How to place Custom Jewelry Order for Titanium

We've had requests before to change those highly priced titanium golf clubs to the electric blue colour. Yes, it's possible but might affect your handicap somewhat. We have a better suggestion though. Why not make a tie clip in the shape of a golf club out of blued titanium? That is exactly what we did with this Custom Jewelry Titanium order for a baseball bat. Another idea is to have a nametag made out blued titanium. Our custom made Titanium Maps are very popular. You could for instance have a map made of your State or Country.    One-of-a-kind custom made Titanium Jewelry is the new luxury item and a very unique personal gift. Detailed dialogue is so important in the placing of such an order. We can arrange an electronic consultation with more specific information. Read more on Latest Jewelry Trends , how to  Order Jewelry and look through our Jewelry Catalog, where hundreds of design ideas can be viewed. Please phone us or contact us at for a consultation or professional jewelry advice.

Titanium Making class

We are more than willing to share our techniques in forging and working with Titanium in these following Titanium Teaching Class illustrations.

Titanium Making Illustrations:            Composite Metal Discovery            Wax and Titanium                       Titanium Bangle Making


Benrather Str. 2, 40213 Carlstadt, Düsseldorf,  Deutschland
Tel: +(49) 942-19-429







































































Artistic creativity shines through this Titanium Pendant with a carved Amethyst gemstone in the centre.

    Custom Jewelry Titanium         Custom Jewelry in Titanium!             Look at our latest Titanium  designs


          Titanium Mokume Style Pendant      Unique titanium jewelry design.      Read the  full description of the making process of this pendant.



    Titanium Art Jewelry              Titanium Art Jewelry                      See more blued Titanium designs


 Titanium Rings      Titanium Rings -blue
See more one-of-a-kind blued Titanium rings


Titanium handmade rings    
For the Man - Titanium Jewelry    Click for more details.


  Titanium Bangles Signature designer Bangles

       Custom order Titanium             Custom Designed Titanium Jewelry       Above are samples of custom commissioned work

Titanium Jewelry handcrafted for a customer  - Order Jewelry - how to

     View Jewelry Gallery for ideas