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Jewelry Lessons

Books like "Jewelry  Concepts and Technology" by Oppi Untracht and "The Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing" by Erhard Brepohl, Tim McCreight and translator Charles Lewton-Brain will become your jewlery making source. These books are absolutely essential for the immense amount of jewelry knowledge and techniques that can be referenced.

By mastering a tool and using it effectively you're developing a skill. These skills can take years to master. An enormously gratifying challenge about metal-smithing is that you never stop learning.

There are various ways of learning to make jewelry.

Europe and some USA workshops  have an apprentice system whereby you are taught for a minimum of 2 to 5 years in a practical working environment. This way is an all round method method of learning  and includes disciplines like repairs, polishing, setting, fabrication, casting etc, etc. The advantage is that you get to know how a Jewelry Manufacturing Workshop is run on a daily basis in the commercial sector.

Another  option is to study at a technical college for a degree.

These options are full time commitments which might not suit a person who is in a transition phase of changing careers with limited time to learn. The option there is to learn selective segments of Jewelry Lessons. Find a suitable jewelry school in your local area that offers jewelry lessons to suit your interests and schedule.

And finally there is the option of being self-taught. The internet is a great tool for you. There are many Jewelry Making Tutorials available. It requires a lot of enthusiasm, self-discipline and the ability of finding solutions that work for you. These attributes are commonly found in jewelry students. It is highly recommended to follow   and subscribe to the forum  where you will find a wealth of information particularly in the archives section and can post your questions.


Free Jewelry Lessons


Jewelry Lessons : Premium Content

  Making a Whistle            How to make a Coin  Pendant More info....US$27
     Making a bell     Wedge Linked Bracelet
More info...
       Making a onion pendant carved from wax and then cast     Step by Step Making a Signet Ring.
More info...
  Jewelry Lesson on making a Spinning / Motion Ring  

  Making a Basic Panel Ring step by step
More info.....
  Working in wax and titanium for casting this bangle lesson     Jewelry Tutorial on taking your basic Panel Ring and adding decorative changes and a gemstone  More info...
Jewelry Making Lesson - Delft Sand Casting   Jewelry Lesson in Delft Sand Casting demonstration     Making a Baguette and Pavé Diamond Ring$25
          Jewelry Tutorial - Making Rose Earrings   more info...US$25
          Making a Crown Collet and  expanding into a decorative Crown Collet.....US$18
          Making two Contour / Shadow Wedding bands for an Engagement Ring... US$27
        Making Ear Clip Mechanism   Making Ear Clip Mechanism - details....  US$25  
          Making tennis bracelet collets (4-prong strip setting)   click for detail  - US$25
        Jewelry Tutorial making a Fold-over Catch ...more info  US$18
          How to size Rings Professionally   more info ......US$25
        Jewelry Tutorial making a Basic Hinge ...more info    US$18
          Jewelry Tutorial on making a Modern Silver Ring.
More info...
        Jewelry Tutorial - Making 5-Stone Eternity Ring   Making of a 5-stone Eternity Ring - US$18
            Step by Step Plique-a-jour
Tutorial     more info...
          Carving a Gem :Step by Step demonstration
More info...
         Step by Step Jewelry - Making a Titanium Designer Ring   Step by Step Jewelry Making a Titanium Designer Ring   more info... US$25
          Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and Ball   Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and a Ball  more info...US$25
Don't forget to have a look at the interesting information and many more tutorials that are available at
Jewelry Workshop and planning thereof. Jewelry Tools little tricks and making your own tools, a special focus on tools and how to do Gem Carving and more Step by Step Jewelry Tutorials.

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