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Before and After Pictures - Remodeling Jewelry

Now is the time, when gold price is very high, to think of remodeling/
recycling your old and unused or inherited jewelry. You benefit by using your
"green gold", increasing the value many times over and experiencing the joy
of wearing your modernized sentimental jewelry. Remodeling jewelry is an
exciting project. You are closely involved with the design and creation
weaving your unique story into the very fabric of your new jewelry piece. 
     Before              /      After
Jewelry Alteration - Diamond Bangle Originally this diamond bangle is set with two rows of diamonds leaving a space in the centre.  Alterations were made to the centre section of the bangle and pave set with diamonds Jewlery Alteration - Diamond Pave Bangle
Before After Jewelry Remodeling Coral Brooch Taking an old-fashioned coral brooch, working with the initial heart shape
design to create an elegant low slung pendant
Before / After Jewelry remodeling - Coral Pendant
  ...and earrings to go with the pendant Custom made Coral earrings
Before / After Remodeling of Emeral Bracelet This large Emerald was used in another project. The Diamond Baguette channel and pavé diamonds were added for continuity of the design. A new Diamond cuff with more versatility. Before / After Jewlery Remodeling Diamond Bracelet
The tennis bracelet and
 Sapphires from a ring were
 used to create a new
  Setting the pear-shaped
 Ruby lengthways creates a
 bold statement
  Re-setting of an emerald
  cut diamond.
  The yellow gold really
 places emphasis on the
 beautiful Sapphire.
  Conceptual design around   organic shape of nature particularly tree branches and wood texture.  
 This tennis bracelet was
 converted into a bangle
 with the diamonds focused
 where they have the most
...and then a ring was made in a complimentary design to the above bangle, from the rest of the diamonds.  
  The Emerald comes to
 life in this modern setting.
  The ocean waves served
 as inspiration for this
 creation in white and
 yellow gold.
  Taking a diamond and
 really elevating it to a
 unique modern "wow" level.
  By spreading the diamonds
 across the finger, the focal
 point changed completely,
 yet keeping the design
 light and airy.
  In discussing wants and
 needs, a very traditional
 setting was turned into a
 eye-catching contemporary
 design,  setting of the
 whiteness of the diamond.
  A matching ring and
 was created from old
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