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Gem Carving and Gemstones


Free Gem Carving Tutorials


Gem Carving : Premium Content

  How to facet purple gold and make a composite gem stone from purple gold     Carving a Gem :Step by Step demonstration
More info...

  Purple Gold Experiment     Jewelry Tutorial on making a Modern Silver Ring.
More info...


  Gemstone dopping / transfer for gem cutting     Step by Step Making a Signet Ring.
More info...
    Gem faceting experimenting with optical effects            How to make a Coin  Pendant More Info....US$27
  Does a Diamond evaporate when used in precious metal clay  

  Making a Basic Panel Ring step by step
More info.....
          Making a Crown Collet and  expanding into a decorative Crown Collet....US$18
          Jewelry Tutorial on taking your basic Panel Ring and adding decorative changes and a gemstone  More info...
        Jewelry Tutorial - Making 5-Stone Eternity Ring   Making of a 5-stone Eternity Ring - US$18
        Jewelry Tutorial making a Basic Hinge ...more info    US$18
          Making two Contour / Shadow Wedding bands for an Engagement Ring... US$27
         Step by Step Jewelry - Making a Titanium Designer Ring   Step by Step Jewelry Making a Titanium Designer Ring   more info... US$25
          Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and Ball   Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and a Ball  more info...US$25
          How to size Rings Professionally   more info ......US$25
        Making Ear Clip Mechanism   Making Ear Clip Mechanism - details....  US$25  
        Jewelry Tutorial making a Fold-over Catch ...more info  US$18
          Making tennis bracelet collets (4-prong strip setting)   click for detail  - US$25
            Step by Step Plique-a-jour
Tutorial     more info...
          Making a Baguette and Pavé Diamond Ring   US$25
          Jewelry Tutorial - Making Rose Earrings    more info...US$25
          Wedge Linked Bracelet
More info...
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