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Jewelry Making Class

Jewelry Making Class List - comprehensive list of
all the jewelry making lessons offered
These Jewelry Lessons / Step by Step Tutorials are free  unless otherwise indicated.
Jewelry Components
Making a Bayonet catch    Making small 18ct white gold tubes    Making a Six Claw Collet    Making Tubing 
Making a Four Claw Collet -   Making a  Crown Collet decorate Holes - US$18   Making a Fold-Over Catch US$18   Making Small Screw and a Bearing Housing 
Step by Step Plique-a-jour US$50   Making a Bezel / Tube    Making Wire   How to size Rings - US$30
  Making Ear Clip Mechanism     Jewelry Making Class - Seamless Locket
Making Basic Hinge US$18   Making Ear Clip Mechanism- US$25   Making tennis bracelet collets (4-prong strip setting) US$25   Making a seamless dish /  locket
Dead End Rivets Step by Step   Setting Gemstones in Tube (Bezel with a Punch        
Dead End Rivet   Setting Gem in Tube (Bezel)        
Wax Work

Wax and Titanium   Wax Carving a  Cameo        
Basic Spin Cast    Casting Insects   Experimental Casting     Making a Panel Ring - Making the Mould
  Jewelry Making Lesson - Delft Sand Casting        
Purple Gold Experiments   Delft Sand Casting        
Gem cutting
Gemstone Transfer, My Way   Experimental Faceting, Optical Effects    Does a Diamond Evaporate?    Gem Carving Step by Step Demo - US$35
Faceted Purple Gold and a Composite Stone             
Repoussé Work    Making a Platinum Ring   Making a Panel Ring - Part One US$18   Making a Panel Ring - Part Two: Making the Gem Box US$18
 Making a Fused Ring    Making a Spinning Ring   Making a Modern Silver Ring US$27   Making Contour / Shadow wedding bands - US$27
  Jewelry Tutorial - Making 5-Stone Eternity Ring    
Making a Signet Ring - US18   Making of a 5-stone Eternity Ring - US$18   Making a Baguette and Pavé Diamond Ring US$25   Challenge - Making a Ring from Rough to Finished including Gem cutting in One Day
  Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and Ball  Making Domed Hollow Ring with Twist Wire Tube   Twist Wire Bands on Domed RIng   How to make a Twist Wire Ring
Ring with Diamonds and a Ball  US$25   Making Domed Ring with Twist Wire Tube US$18   Twist Wire bands on Domed Ring  US$27   How to make a Twist Wire Ring US$12
Jewelry Lesson - making ANgel Curve Ring with matching Band
Angel Curved Ring  matching Band  US$27
Making a fused Pendant   Plique-a-Jour Fairy    Making a Hollow Onion Pendant   Making a Square Hollow Tube Pendant
       How to make Twist Wire Pendant    
Making a Coin Frame Pendant US$27   Step by Step Plique-a-jour
  How to make a Twist Wire Pendant US$18    
Step by Step -  Wedge Linked Bracelet US$27            
Making a Bell   Making a Silver Whistle   Making Rose Earrings US$25    
         Step by Step Jewelry - Making a Titanium Designer Ring
Composite metals   Titanium Bangle    Making a Titanium and Gold Map of St. Maarten   Making  Titanium Designer Ring   US$25
Working Titanium - Making a Ring            
Working Titanium - Making a ring out of washer            
Making an Ingot   Making a Hanging Draw Bench   Making your own Buff Sticks   Refining Gold
JewelryTool Making - Expanding Ring Clamp for GRS   Jewelry Tool Making - Mini Hand Saw   Jewelry Tool Making - Azure Tool  
Making an Expanding Ring Clamp for GRS   Making a mini hand saw   Making an Azure Tool   Servicing T-30 Hand Piece
Workshop - Design around Time and Motion             
Jewelry Workbench Tool Arragement and Methodology
Jewelry Bench - planning layout Jewelry Workbench Tool arrangement
Have a look at the interesting information and many more tutorials that are available at
Jewelry Workshop and planning thereof. Jewelry Tools little tricks and making your own tools, a special focus on tools and how to do Gem Carving and more Step by Step Jewelry Tutorials.

If you have any questions or wish to be notified of any new tutorials that are posted, email me at

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