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Order Jewelry

Jewelry made to order

Remodeling of jewelry, custom made jewelry and jewelry made to order was a main focus of our jewelry training and formative years as a goldsmiths. This is a concept that many of you are not familiar with. And as is the case with  unfamiliar, unexplored territory, it causes uncertainty. That is were years of experience on our part, ensures that the right questions are asked, your likes and dislikes communicated and interpreted by us, to come up with the reward and satisfaction of a perfect jewelry piece that reflects you, your style, personality and sentiments.

Order custom made Titanium Jewelry
    Order custom titanium Rings from rendering Order custom made Titanium Rings
This order of custom made Titanium rings was completed from a rendering with instructions.

Order - specialized purpose madel Jewelry
order jewelry custom made Order Jewelry - Custom made Locket
For this custom made order we received a picture of the shell (and measurement) for which a double sided glass locket was made with a special screwdriver and instructions for the opening and placing the shell into the locket

Order - the replacement of sentimental Jewelry
Order Jewelry from picture Order Jewelry Remodeling of Sentimental Jewelry
Our customer only has this one grainy picture of a much treasured sentimental pendant which was lost. Slowly, we re-created a replacement pendant after asking questions and sending step by step progress images by email.

These are only a few examples of the many possibilities that exist when ordering jewelry for a specific purpose or custom wish. We welcome your enquiry, as to other possibilities for custom made jewelry. Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the process of ordering jewelry that is custom made.

Questions about placing orders for custom jewelry

How do I place an order?
Contact us via email
From there we send a detailed sketch and continue to communicate with you until the design is finalized.
You will receive a cost estimate with detailed description of materials used and an delivery time frame.

What is the next step?
We will require a 50 percent non-refundable deposit upon commissioning, which is payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We will email you a picture for your completed jewelry piece for your final approval. Then we will request your approval to bill your card with the invoice balance, which will fall within the original estimate. That same day you will receive an email stating the FedEx waybill. In our experience delivery of the parcel takes three - four working days. In your parcel you will receive your made to order jewelry piece with the invoice and a valuation certificate.

What if I had a different idea of the jewelry item or it arrives damaged?
We guarantee our craftsmanship, as well as our expertise to interpret made to order jewelry. Although custom orders are non-returnable, we have a confidence policy, whereby we will give you an option, within seven days to return your jewelry piece by FedEx and choose a piece from our showroom of equal value. Any damaged goods must be returned using FedEx within 2 days. We will replace or re-instate your item to it's original state without any delay. It is our policy to send parcels insured.

How long will it take to make a custom ordered jewelry piece?
Ofcourse the answer to that questions depends on the complexity of the design, but most made to order jewelry pieces can be completed in a two to four week time frame. You will be given an agreed upon delivery date. Express orders can be discussed at additional cost.

How do I make payments?
Internet security is a concern for all. To protect you we can only send parcels to the same physical address where your bank statements are registered at. For your own security and protection we will call you to take down your card details. We accept electronic transfers and Master or Visa Cards and use FedEx as courier.

What if I want to buy a jewelry item from your Jewelry Catalog?
You found just the right jewelry piece that you wanted in our Jewelry Catalog.   All you have to do is follow the "How do I make payments?" steps. Please remember to include your ring size in your fax if you are ordering a ring. Still uncertain? Send us your telephone number and we'll return your call within a day.

What if the jewelry piece I want, is already sold?
It is possible to order that item again. Our jewelry is custom made. There will always be a slight variation. These will be discussed in detail with you and a photo will be sent for your approval.

I lost my ring. Can you make that ring from a picture?
Yes, we can. With a picture and your description we will make a very close or (sometimes even better) version of your ring. We can also interpret the drawing of what you have in mind, and guide you with a design that is both practical and functional.

Can you remodel or alter a design using my gold and diamonds?
Yes we can. After careful study of your diamonds/gems we will give an honest opinion of what can be re-used. We will then start the process as described in "How do I place an order?"

Why do you not have a shopping cart option?
Unique designer custom made jewelry is so individualistic that no standardized "shopping cart" does justice to the personalized input needed to capture all the variables and choices that we offer.

Can you give some pointers as to design possibilities?
Custom Request: Replace coloured Gem with a fancy yellow Diamond

Can you show some samples of your made to order jewelry?
       Custom order Titanium

Here are many more jewelry made to order samples in our  Custom Designed Jewelry Catalog or for the beautiful stories behind our Custom Jewelry Designs. Interesting is the transformation of the Before / After Remodeling Jewelry.

Any further Questions?
We are more than happy to answer any further questions or give jewelry class advice. Please send an email to . We have an open door policy and welcome your questions.

Last but not Least - Made to Order Jewelry.
As mentioned in Jewelry Trends, designer handmade custom jewelry is "In". Unchartered territory can be quite daunting, yet hugely satisfying, when taking part in the design process. Our experience and expertise will guide you, to to make this your success story.

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Tel: +(31) 646 77 6214


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