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A note from Anne

I'm so fortunate to be in the perfect working environment to compliment my abilities. It is a daily pleasure to find myself surrounded by creativity, art and a beautiful view to boot. Both my artistic and mathematical skills are nurtured and developed on a daily basis.

My main purpose is to liaise and interpret customers style and preferences, to create the foundation for a new design. For that, I have to have a grounded technical understanding of goldsmithing practices and an artistic feel for form and balance. This is an essential tool, as I have to act as interpreter between Hans, the goldsmith and our customers.

I also fill in the roll of administrative support, responsible for the company accounts, data assimilation, purchases of orders and website work. Most of the  jewelry photography is done by me.
I absolutely love communicating with our customers and being part of the creative process, that makes  each day unique and brings me much joy and inspiration. Most important I'm privileged to share and work side by side with my very talented husband. Our days are filled with creativity, much laughter and joking around.




















Benrather Str. 2, 40213 Carlstadt, Düsseldorf,  Deutschland
Tel: +(49) 942-19-429

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