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St. Martin Map / St. Maarten Map

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St Martin Map/ St Maarten Map Jewelry

  Titanium Jewelry     We have created the St. Martin / St. Maarten Map Jewelry Range. This is  
  For the Man - Titanium     a special souvenir for all those timeshare owners and visitors who regard
  St Maarten Map Jewelry     St. Martin / St. Maarten as their second home. You know the saying home 
  Jewelry Catalog     from home! These souvenirs are a treasure, a reminder of sun, sea and sand
  Objets D'Art     even a talking point, to ease the waiting until the next visit.
Titanium disk with ouline image of St Maarten 18ct Gold St Maarten Map pendant on chain 18ct wgite gold fused St Marten Pendant
Brushed Titanium disk with 18ct yellow gold pierced out St Maarten Map 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant of St Martin Map with chain - SOLD 18ct fused Pendant with dividing border of St Martin Map - SOLD
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Why St Martin / St Maarten?

About us     We have a wide variety of  Map styles to suit everybody's taste and price
  A note from Hans     range. Some of our St Martin /St Maarten Map jewelry reflects the
  Studio Pictures     topography and the dividing borders. The island is unique, in that it is 
      divided in two separate sovereign entities. The northern side called Saint 
News     Martin, is the French side and the southern side is called Sint Maarten,
  Jewelry Trends     which is semi Dutch and part of the Netherlands Antilles.
  Custom Jewelry    
Large 14ct and Silver fused St Marten Map pendant Blued titanium disk with the shape of st Martin Map 14ct pendant of dolphins swimming aropund St Maarten Map
Very large fused 14ct gold and silver St Martin Map pendant - SOLD Titanium Disk with a Map of St Martin  - Made to Order 14ct Yellow Gold St Martin Map pendant held by dolphins - diameter 20mm   SOLD
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St Martin / St Maarten Map Jewelry - Personalized

  Home     Your memorable souvenir can always be personalized to your specification.
      For instance a diamond can be added to indicated the location you stay in.
      Or you can choose to have a charm made instead of a pendant.
      For more information on custom made jewelry to order read Order Jewelry

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