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Jewelry Making - Titanium Bangle Step by Step

Making a titanium bangle step-by-step

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Finished bangle
Titanium(1.7mm thick) is pierced out first and bent more or less to the required size. I use tin snips for the silver because  its going to be fused anyway. The titanium is used as a former and the silver edges are bent us until the nearly vertical. Lots of annealing is needed. The titanium must come out with difficulty After fusing the titanium is fitted to see where more fusing is needed,  (the far left corner). The bangle is bent smaller and the silver is formed around the titanium


The silver part ready for 14ct gold fusing Weigh the gold first. I used 1mm gold wire like a brazing rod. A bangle like this will take about 5 grams of gold Gold been applied and... further forming


Titanium is filed in a curved shape leaving a razor sharp edge. Sanded down and polished and roughed    Sanded down and ,    .. polished and rouged

A large bushy flame is used. Care and patience is necessary. Quenching in water does not affect the color The silver is finished off and the titanium is 'set' .The high ridges give a manner of protection to the titanium coloring.

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