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Jewelry Lesson - Working in Wax and Titanium

Casting a bangle in wax with titanium inlay

Titanium Cup Bangle
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Ok, so these are not ground breaking techniques, but this is how I do it. Keep in mind that this works for me and might not necessarily work exactly the same for you. Having said that, you are welcome to use this information as you wish and you also welcome to e-mail me with any questions.

I use pink dental wax as my base layer for all bangles of this type. 1.7mm thick… I love the stuff, especially when you work under hot lights. It becomes almost like putty and you can mould it and form it really easy. The blue is wax wire 8 gauge or about 3.5mm in diameter. 

I made a Brass mandrel bigger than the shape of the bangle that I want. The reason is that it is always easier to size something down than up….                  I tape paper around the brass mandrel and then I ….
Gently file the excess off.

The pink Dental wax sheet is then slightly warmed under a light and is formed over the mandrel.


 The Titanium cup is pierced out of plate and formed to the shape that you want. This is a cup, but it could be anything your good friend with a hydraulic press can make for you. Also, I like to finish the titanium to a high degree, and even get it to the colour that I want, because I remove it from the wax before I cast. In the old days I used to cast it in place, but unless the design calls for that, I don’t anymore. It is a major, major mission to finish titanium off after it has been in the burn-out oven. This is not to say that it can’t be done. By definition the blue colour which is brought on by heat is subject to wear. So normally it has to be recessed or protected in some manner.
The first wax wire holding the whole catastrophe in place (grin)    


Lots more wax wire. All the outer wax wires are fused onto the pink wax. The reason for this is because, if you don’t the plaster gets in between and causes a lousy join between the two waxes. That leads to lots of fixing up, or even rejection.


Side note: I use one of those trigger electric solder guns. I have modified the bit and replaced it with fine silver wire. I know, it’s heavy, clumsy, cheap and nasty, but it supplies heat in industrial quantities…and in short bursts.


Cutting away the excess wax
Now I have cut away the excess wax and when I remove the tape at the bottom of the mandrel, the paper slides off without the wax sticking to it. It is then easy to peal the paper off from the inside without damaging or bending the wax.                   I  sprue up and cast… and finish off the Bangle
The titanium gets polished and rouged and the cleaned to medical standards. If it has but one spot of dirt on it, it will leave an imperfection on the surface. Then I heat it with a bushy flame—SLOWLY, until I have the right colour.    

Then I quench in water, as this stops the colouring process without affecting the hue.

Final product---and sold to a really cool  guy in the Music bizzz!!!!! Yeah….

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