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Jewelry Tools

Jewelry Tool Tips

Tools are your livelihood. More is not necessarily better, but better quality is best. American and European jewelry tools are better quality and will last a lot longer, even though the initial investment is higher. When you buy cheap, generally you buy twice.

A small irritation like a saw frame constantly "letting go" of the saw blade can quickly add up to hours wasted, not to mention the cost of broken blades and irritation of starting again. This causes productivity to be lost and that equals money loss.

Always keep your tools in good working condition. Remove rust or metal particles from your roller on a regular basis to prevent pitting. Oil moving parts. Clean and look after your jewelry tools. Sharpen or replace drill bits when blunt. Well maintained tools make for good workmanship

Organizing jewelry tools is vital. Keep your burr box organized in graduating sizes. Be consistent in packing your tools back in it's place after use. The time putting tools back after use is much shorter than time spent looking for them when they are misplaced. It makes you very efficient and add to the flow of your motions. Many an hour is wasted in a Jewelry Workshop searching for miss-placed tools.

Most of the larger jewelry suppliers will gladly advise you on the jewelry tools needed for your projects. For the American market we can highly recommend Rio Grande and Stuller for their vast selection of jewelry tools and quality product. Otto Frei , Gesswein  and Fischer are our supplier in Europe.



Free Jewelry Tool Tips


 Premium Content Tutorials

  Tools for the jewelry
workshop - making an adjustable square ingot
    Wedge Linked Bracelet
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  Tools for the jewelry
Workshop - making a draw bench
    Carving a Gem :Step by Step demonstration
More info...
  Refining gold - useful tool            How to make a Coin  Pendant More info....US$27

  Purple Gold Experiment     Jewelry Tutorial on making a Modern Silver Ring.
More info...
  Making your own Buff Sticks     Step by Step Making a Signet Ring.
More info...
Jewelry Tool Making - Azure Tool   Making an Azure Tool   Jewelry Tutorial making a Basic Hinge ...more info    US$18
Jewelry Tool Making - Mini Hand Saw   Making a mini hand saw   Jewelry Tutorial making a Fold-over Catch ...more info  US$18
JewelryTool Making - Expanding Ring Clamp for GRS   Making an Expanding Ring Clamp for GRS     Making a Crown Collet and  expanding into a decorative Crown Collet......US$18
  Servicing T-30 Hand Piece     Making two Contour / Shadow Wedding bands for an Engagement Ring... US$27

  Making a Basic Panel Ring step by step
More info.....
          Jewelry Tutorial on taking your basic Panel Ring and adding decorative changes and a gemstone  More info...
        Jewelry Tutorial - Making 5-Stone Eternity Ring   Making of a 5-stone Eternity Ring - US$18
          Making a Baguette and Pavé Diamond Ring US$25
          Jewelry Tutorial - Making Rose Earrings   more info....US$25
            Step by Step Plique-a-jour
Tutorial     more info...
          Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and Ball   Jewelry Making Tutorial - Ring with Diamonds and a Ball  more info...US$25
         Step by Step Jewelry - Making a Titanium Designer Ring   Step by Step Jewelry Making a Titanium Designer Ring   more info... US$25
        Making Ear Clip Mechanism   Making Ear Clip Mechanism - details....  US$25  
          Making tennis bracelet collets (4-prong strip setting)   click for detail  - US$25
          How to size Rings Professionally   more info ......US$25
Don't forget to have a look at the interesting information on The Jewelry Workshop and start on your Jewelry Making Tutorials projects. For inspiration got to Hans' Inspiration and Jewelers Testimonial.

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