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Making a Coin Frame Pendant

Making a Coin Frame Pendant -  US$27

  PDF download will be emailed 4-12hours after purchase

Making a Coin Frame Pendant

How to make and set a coin in a frame as illustrated in this tutorial. The coin is set in such a manner so as to not damage the coin face. The design can be elaborate with decorative touches.

For this project you must have basic jewelry making knowledge of rolling, soldering, filling and polishing.

You will need:
Roller (or pre-bought metal)
Soldering station
Saw frame and saw blades
12 Volt drill
Hanging Motor, Burrs and Polishing Wheels
Buff Sticks
Polishing Area
No 10 Beading Tool


Making a Coin Frame Pendant  US$27
 PDF download will be emailed 4-12 hours after purchase

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