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There is a rapidly increasing demand for learning how to make jewelry. Be it the online demand for Jewelry Tutorials, Jewelry Making Classes or Step by Step Jewelry picture and video demonstrations or as fully fledged apprentice under a Master Goldsmiths' guidance.  The younger generation want to explore their creative side or perhaps professionals are thinking of changing careers. Your approach to learning the skills of jewelry making will depend on the amount of time you have available to learn these skills. Let it be said from the beginning that it requires a lot of dedication and many hours of daily practice to learn these hand skills. The most effective approach would be to apprentice under a Master Goldsmith, but it is also entirely possible to be self-taught making use of available Jewelry Tutorials or attending selective Jewelry Making Classes and Seminars.

We have always promoted an open door policy when it comes to learning How to Make Jewelry, sharing knowledge, and the making and teaching thereof. Mechanization has caused a loss in hand skills. It's very important to encourage and nurture enthusiasts, so we retain and pass on some of these goldsmithing skills to future generations.

Our Jewelry Tutorials go on the assumption that you have a basic knowledge of jewelry making and that you have basic Jewelry Tools at your Jewelry Workshop or bench. A lot of our Jewelry Tutorials are free. However we have been so inundated with special requests, that it has become necessary to add  Premium Content Tutorials at a fee. These Jewelry Tutorials take an immense amount of time to plan and write. The fee only partly offsets the costs involved and helps deliver an ever increasing Jewelry Tutorial Library. The Jewelry Making Class has a complete list of all available Jewelry Tutorials.

Free Jewelry Tutorials


 Premium Content Tutorials

Basic Jewelry Making Section        
  Wire making and common problems when making wire.   Wedge Linked Bracelet
More info...
  Making Tubing   Carving a Gem :Step by Step demonstration
More info...

  Making a fold-over catch          How to make a Coin  Pendant  
  How to make a bayonet catch     Jewelry Tutorial on making a Modern Silver Ring.
More info...
  Basic spin casting process        
  Description of how to tackle casting of insects in metal        
  Experimental Casting        

  How to wax carve a cameo / image        
Intermediate Jewelry Making  

  Making a six claw collet        

  Tutorial on making a Crown Collet        
  Making a decorative Crown Collet        
Advanced Jewelry Making Section  
  How to make Screws and Bearing Housing        
  Demonstration of how the repoussé ¨chasing) technique
is applied.
  Jewelers Challenge - Ring from Rough to Finish in a Day        
Don't forget to have a look at the interesting information and many more tutorials that are available at
Jewelry Workshop and planning thereof, Jewelry Tools little tricks and making your own tools, a special focus on tools and how to do Gem Carving and more Step by Step Jewelry Tutorials.

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