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Jewelry Making Class - Tool Tips

Casting Ingot

I got tired of trying to bash out a piece of gold or silver that was stuck in the ingot.

So I made this simple loose piece ingot from some old iron stock I had.


The size is 200x 50mm and 10mm deep. The two short pieces allow me to vary the length and thickness as I wish. The long piece holds everything together.
The set up before pouring
This the ingot with a bar of silver that has been poured in.
To remove the silver bar all I have to do is remove the long piece and the silver is loose.
Sometimes Iíll use the one side of a plate ingot to stop the long piece from sliding sideways, but mostly this is not necessary. One could attach a handle but I have not needed one. I use an old long nose pliers to pick up the silver to be quenched.


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